Q. What are the camping areas?

A. We will have several different camping areas.


  • Arena tent camping – this is the camping area which is part of the event area.  Some places have a view of the stage and is the closest to the event.  There is no room for Campervans or Caravans in this area. 
  • Quiet tent camping – this is the area contained within the Arena Camping which is now designated as the quiet camping area.  Please respect that this area will have a self-policed curfew of midnight.  This area is suitable for families wishing to retire early or those with young children that do not like noise.  There is no view of the stage from this area although it may be possible to hear the music.


  • Grasscrete car park – This is the main camping zone for caravans and motorhomes.  This is the area you will need to camp if you have a motorhome or caravan.  Please be respectful that others may wish to sleep especially after 2am. 
  • Walled car park – This is another area for caravans and motorhomes.  Please park respectfully to allow others into the site.  There will be access for cars for drop off to the main gate and access for bands.


  • Front of Victoria House – This is a special area for caravans/motorhomes and tents.  Please only pitch a tent here if you are with a caravan or motorhome.